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The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative is headed by a board of directors composed of 9 administrators including a president. The members are elected for three years with a president elected for one year. The current president of the cooperative is Mr Bernard GRANET, elected in October 2010.

The land of Haute Provence in the five French departments surrounding Mont Ventoux, is high altitude, mountainous territory, a unique substrate in Provence for the production of aromatic and scented plants. The soil, the sun and the altitude contribute to a production of exceptional quality.
The cooperative markets the essential oils of its 167 producers, both conventional and organic. These high-quality oils are 100% pure and natural, distilled by the traditional method.

Lavender growers of Mont Ventoux

A word from the President

Bernard Granet

I became a lavender and lavandin essential oil producer in 1993 after a professional reconversion in Revest du Bion near the Plateau d’Albion, the historical centre of lavender production. I have been a member of the cooperative since 2003. I wanted to get involved in its management and became an administrator in 2006.

In 2010, the position of president became vacant and I was elected. Since then, my mandate has been renewed every year by a vote at our annual general meetings. My predecessors, as presidents, have enabled me, through rigorous and quality management and good relations with our customers, to have cooperative which is rich in members and regular customers.

I want to follow in their footsteps and develop new commercial relationships in order to perpetuate the crops and secure the future of our producers.

Bernard Granet

A word from the Vice President

Jonathan Mourard

After studying agronomy, I had the opportunity to take over a small part of the family farm in April 2008. Over the years, I gradually turned to the production of lavender and lavandin essential oils, to the detriment of breeding and the production of flowers and bouquets.
As a cooperative member since 2008, I have invested myself in the cooperative, becoming an administrator and vice-president in 2019.

During this time, I have been able to gain experience and learn from my elders who have helped our cooperative to evolve and grow. My one and only motivation for the cooperative is to represent its producers as well as possible and it is with this in mind that I work daily alongside Bernard and Edwige with the aim of :

  • promoting our essential oils
  • meeting the expectations of our various commercial partners
  • supporting our producers
  • adapting to the various changes in the agricultural world
  • providing a link between the various structures that make up our inter-profession of aromatic and medicinal plants (PPAM)

Today we are faced with an unavoidable evolution of our profession, from a climatic and ecological point of view, but also with regard to the expectations of our customers and the demands of the end consumer.

Faced with this, we must work and evolve in order to begin this change of direction, which is before us, in complete serenity.

The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative, our cooperative, is a formidable tool from an economic, commercial, societal and environmental point of view. We must use it to meet the challenges ahead.

As long as it is managed BY its producers FOR its producers, our cooperative will be as close as possible to its actors to make the link between producers and consumers.

There is strength in unity !

Jonathan Mourard

Lavande Drôme Provençale
Furrows lavender fields

A word from the Director

Edwige Prehaut

I joined the cooperative as an accounting secretary in 2006. I am very familiar with the agricultural world as my parents are cattle breeders and work with cooperatives. My position has evolved as Director under the presidency of Bernard Granet, our current President. Having been in the cooperative for several years, a strong bond has been forged with the producers.

As I don’t have a background in aromatic plants, the producers took the time to introduce me to all the stages of production: planting, sowing, crop maintenance, harvesting and distillation. I would like to thank them because they allowed me to understand the challenges and difficulties and especially their passion for these aromatic and medicinal plants. I work in close collaboration with the elected producers on the board of directors in order to meet the needs of our customers as well as our producers.

I am your privileged interlocutor concerning the administrative aspects and I will be happy to answer all your questions. See you soon!

Edwige Prehaut

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors PPV

Organigram of the Board of Directors

Organigram of the Board of Directors