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Producer partners

In 1989, we united around the strong values of Authenticity, Simplicity, Passion, Commitment, Solidarity and Quality. With these values in mind, Parfums Provence Ventoux has developed over the years, weaving close ties of partnership between its members. We want to continue in this direction and provide our members with even greater support, whether this be technical, agronomic, logistical, commercial, or human…

Customer partners

Our relationship with our customers is one of loyalty, trust and partnership. In recent years, new challenges have arisen concerning the climate, biodiversity, new regulations, the transition of part of our crops to organic, the increase in demand for natural ingredients and the many concerns of consumers. They require us to share a long-term vision with our customers, to develop ever more creativity and innovation and to engage in sustainable partnerships.

The Sustainable Development Charter: the commitments of the actors

    The lavender and lavandin producers wish to share their vision and their objectives which will place them among the most exemplary sectors of the 21st century. The producers, distillers and the cooperative commit themselves to :

  • Certifying the quality of the products and a production method that respects the environment in order to increase the confidence of interested parties through greater transparency.
  • Adapting and securing their offer through constructive inter-professional relations and efficient monitoring tools.
  • Investing in the compliance of the sector’s operators with the REACH regulation.
  • Encouraging the development of quality, traceable products, particularly those produced by organic farming.
  • Promoting the products of the sector, the artisans and their traditional know-how.
  • Ensuring a fair income for producers and a fair distribution of added value.
  • Working closely with the inter-professional and commercial partners to move towards Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER).
  • Devoting the bulk of research efforts to actions that enable the sector to fulfil its commitments in terms of sustainable development.
  • Setting up regular consultations with local actors to encourage the emergence of joint actions.
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