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Oregano harvest
Product descriptionOregano Essential Oil
LabelEcocert organic label
Latin NameOriganum Vulgare (Lamiaceae)
Country of OriginFrance / Provence
Packaging capacityMinimum 1 kg
Composition100 % Oregano Essential Oil
Organic certificationFood product, produced from Organic Agriculture, certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01
ExtractionEssential oil obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops
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Certifications for Oregano Organic

Ecocert Logo

Certification and compliance for organic farming, specifications relating to environmental and social requirements.

Organic farming
Organic farming

The producer respects the commitments imposed by the Ministry of Agriculture’s specifications.

Eurofeuille Agriculture UE
EU Agriculture

This label certifies that the product complies with the official European regulations on organic farming.

Packaging of Oregano Essential Oil

Wholesale packaging
In Bottle

Packaged in 1 kg.

Essential oils packaging

Packaged in 10, 25 kg drums.

Essential oils wholesale packaging

Packaged in 50 kg drums.