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The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative is located in Sault in the Vaucluse. This village of 1,400 inhabitants, perched on a ridge on the edge of the Vaucluse plateau, overlooks the Nesque valley, facing the southern slopes of Mont Ventoux.

The soil, the sun and the altitude of Haute Provence’s land contribute to a production of aromatic plants of exceptional quality. The five counties surrounding Mont Ventoux are high altitude lands and mountain territories, a unique breeding ground in Haute Provence for the production of aromatic plants. The ideal altitude conditions of the plateau (900 metres), a traditional culture and recognised quality have made the Pays de Sault the historic home of lavender and the main production area for fine lavender, representing 52% of French production.

Producers of essential oils mont Ventoux

Producers by nature

The production of aromatic plants and the distillation of essential oils from lavender and lavandin is in our DNA. In 1989, we grouped together producers sharing the same values to create the Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative, with the dual objective of preserving the best interests of our members, while aiming to provide excellence to our customers and partners.

Since 1992, our structure has been recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture as an Organisation of Producers of essential oils and flowers of lavender, lavandin and other aromatic plants, for the counties of Alpes de Haute Provence, Ardèche, Drôme, Gard and Vaucluse. Our lavender growers cultivate lavender with passion and beyond a traditional know-how passed on from one generation to the next, they are now active and committed business managers.

Over the years, we have continued to integrate new members and we currently have 167 producers of essential oils, cultivating more than 3900 hectares of land spread over five counties. The latest breakdown of our crops to date : fine lavender: 715 Ha, Maillette lavender 303 Ha, Diva lavender: 325 Ha and lavandin: 2580 Ha.

Our commitments

A single point of contact
The Cooperative has invested in 6 decanting tanks in order to be able to centralise the storage of the entire production in one place, at the Sault warehouse, in ideal conditions for maintaining the quality of the oils over time. Our customers can thus make their collections at a single point.

The cooperative markets quality essential oils, harvested by its producers and distilled by the traditional steam method. The oils produced are 100% pure and natural. The production and distillation sites are controlled and identified.

Lavande Drôme Provençale
Furrows lavender fields

Traceability and conformity

The cooperative’s specifications guarantee traceability from the producer’s distillation site to the final batch offered for sale, including intermediate stages such as distillation.

All the essential oils of the cooperative, whether they come from private distilleries or distillation cooperatives, comply with the REACH regulations. Our members work in collaboration with their distillers to improve and develop the distillation process so as to optimise energy and environmental quality.

Security of supply

The distribution of our production over five different counties allows us to guarantee our customers the security of their supplies. Thus, the geographical distribution of the different production areas allows us to limit the impact of various climatic hazards.

A preserved eco-system, cultivation methods in line with the environment, combined with specificgeological and climatic conditions and geographical areas : these are all natural assets combined for a unique production.

Distillation of essential oil
Label Lavander mont Ventoux

Official labels

The labels « lavandes Mont Ventoux » and « lavande AOP de Haute Provence » each have specifications which oblige the producers to a more rigorous quality of production which is a guarantee of safety for the users.

Lavender essential oil or lavender essence is a liquid obtained by steam distillation of the flowering tops of the lavender plant or true lavender, Lavandula angustifolia. The essential oil called Lavande Mont Ventoux® has been specially selected in the traditional production areas of the best quality population lavender.

« Lavande Mont Ventoux » is a brand owned by the Société Coopérative Agricole Parfums Provence Ventoux. This brand is referenced under the number 16 4 284 067 and was registered with the INPI on 30 June 2016.