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We are a Cooperative producing Organic or Conventional Essential Oils of Lavender, Lavandin, Immortelle, Mountain Savory, Oregano, Tarragon and Clary Sage. Our essential oils are used in the Perfume, Cosmetic, Hygiene, Aromatherapy industry, in France and worldwide.

Our Cooperative Parfums Provence Ventoux has been anchored since the beginning in the territory of the Plateau de Sault and in the Mont Ventoux Country. We are the bearers of a history, a memory of know-how, a cultural and economic heritage. It is all this that we wanted to bring together in our Lavande Mont Ventoux brand. It is both an expression of our attachment to this land and a strong commitment to quality and responsibility as producers.

Our Cooperative

Created in 1989 by a group of producers in Haute Provence, near Mont Ventoux, the historical birthplace of lavender, Parfums Provence Ventoux offers the main Essential Oils of Provence produced in the 5 departments of Alpes de Haute-Provence, Ardèche, Drôme, Gard, Vaucluse.

Our Essential Oils

They are the fruit of the work of more than 167 producers in Provence, on more than 3900 hectares cultivated for 175 tons of essential oils, who joined together in a Cooperative to better organize themselves and to guarantee you the origin, the quality and the authenticity of our essential oils cultivated in organic or in conventional.

Our team

Parfums Provence Ventoux is a cooperative managed by its producers, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the lavender and lavandin industry, which has become an essential part of the cultural and economic heritage of the region, and to secure the supply of its customers in the long term.

Our partners

Over the years, Provence Parfums Ventoux has built up a relationship of partnership and trust with its customers in France and abroad, traders and industrial users of pure and natural essential oils.

Decanting tank for essential oils Sault en Provence

The Cooperative

The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative is located in Sault (Vaucluse). This village of 1,400 inhabitants, perched on a ridge on the edge of the Vaucluse plateau, dominates the Nesque valley, facing the southern slopes of Mont Ventoux.

The Pays de Sault, the cradle of lavender, is the main production area for fine lavender, with nearly 52% of French production. The departments of Drôme Provençale and Alpes de Haute-Provence are mainly producers of lavandin and represent an undeniable asset for our cooperative. The altitude is the common factor of these traditional production areas, with quality recognised by all professionals.

The cooperative gathers more than 160 producers who exploit more than 3925 Ha of lavender and lavandin, that is to say: fine lavender: 715 Ha, lavender Mailette 305 Ha, lavender diva: 325 Ha and lavandin: 2580 Ha.

Our rigorous policy in terms of input management allows us to valorise the essential oils and to remunerate the producers as well as possible.

An ideal geographical location. The cooperative is located in the heart of the five main lavender and lavandin producing departments. Our producers’ organisation ensures its development thanks to these major environmental assets.
Quality products: the cooperative markets quality essential oils, distilled by “steam” according to the traditional method already used since antiquity. Thanks to this ancestral process, our essential oils are entirely natural.
Parfums Provence Ventoux centralizes the storage of the members’ production and the administrative centre. Our production area, extended to the five departments, gives our cooperative a security of supply for our customers and partners.

Our essential oils

We produce organic and conventional essential oils.

We collect 26 tons of lavender essential oils and 145 tons of lavender essential oils on a total surface of about 3925 hectares. We market wholesale and semi-wholesale: fine lavender, PDO lavender, Maillette lavender, Diva lavender, Grosso lavandin, Super lavandin, Sumian lavandin, Abrial lavandin.

We offer essential oils of aromatic plants: Immortelle, Clary Sage, Hyssop, Mountain Savory, Oregano.

The essential oils produced are 100% pure and natural, obtained by steam distillation in the distilleries of the five departments. The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative carries out strict controls, so that each oil complies with the various French or European specifications.

We sell in bulk : in drums with a minimum of 25 kg or in pallet boxes.

Organic Lavender in Sault en Provence
Lavender Organic Agriculture Eurofeuille Agriculture UE
26 tons of lavender on 1345 Ha. It is without doubt the jewel in the crown of our production. The fine lavender labelled “Lavande Mont Ventoux” meets our specifications. Our organic essential oils are certified by Ecocert. We also offer essential oils under the PDO designation.
Lavandins Agriculture Biologique Eurofeuille Agriculture UE
145 tons of lavandin on 2580 Ha. We offer the different varieties of lavender: Grosso, Sumian, Super and Abrial to our partners. This more camphorated essential oil is intended for wholesalers, processors and soap makers.
Aromatics Agriculture Biologique Eurofeuille Agriculture UE
We collect 4 main aromatic essential oils: Immortelle, Mountain Savory, Oregano, Clary Sage. They are all 100% pure, not modified or diluted, our selection is rigorous for an irreproachable quality.
Lavande bio à Sault en Provence

One territory, one brand

Our cooperative, Parfums Provence Ventoux, has been anchored in the Plateau de Sault and the Mont Ventoux region since its inception. We are the bearers of a history, a memory of know-how, a heritage that is both cultural and economic.

It is all this that we wanted to bring together in our Lavande Mont Ventoux brand. It is both an expression of our attachment to this terroir but also a very strong commitment to quality and responsibility as producers.

Our brand applies only to the essential oil of fine lavender (population). In a concern for quality and traceability, we have drawn up precise specifications, which our producers must scrupulously respect to be recognised by the “Lavande Mont Ventoux” brand.

Our Territory
To qualify for the “Lavande Mont Ventoux” label, the essential oil must be produced in a geographical area determined by our specifications. The notion of altitude and terroir are intrinsic elements of the quality of our brand.
Our Fine Lavender
Fine lavender, whose real name is population lavender, is propagated by seed, according to the plant’s natural process. This gives it a large gene pool with multiple analytical and olphactory qualities that are found in this essential oil.
Our Ambition
The aim of “Lavande Mont Ventoux” is to make the most of our land, our know-how and our production. It must allow us to pay our producers in the fairest way possible, while meeting the expectations of our partners through quality production.

Our Production

We have two types of partnerships: with our producers for harvesting and with our commercial partners, for selling.

The primary objective of the cooperative is to offer for sale quality essential oils that meet the expectations of our customers.

To achieve this, our desire is to continue to welcome new producers and to support and accompany those who are already cooperators.

From a purely commercial point of view, our ambition will always be to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability, on a national and international scale.

Production of certified Lavender from Mont Ventoux
Our Cooperators
167 producers, 19 of whom are organic farmers, are members of the PPV cooperative and benefit from a storage facility with offices on the same site. Closer to the actors of the territory and the certifications for essential oils of Provence and the label “Lavande Mont Ventoux”.
Our Engagements
The cooperative is committed to working with its producers to make the most of their production in order to pay them a fair price. The cooperative is committed to its customers through well-controlled production, quality and traceability.
Our Production
All the essential oils offered for sale by our cooperative are aimed at meeting the expectations of our customers. Our vision is to create a partnership with our different customers, let us be business partners on the long term.
logo Parfum Provence Ventoux Parfums Provence Ventoux, is…
A long History
The Parfums Provence Ventoux cooperative was created in 1989 by a group of about twenty people. Since 1992, the Ministry of Agriculture has recognised us as a Producers’ Organisation for essential oils and flowers of lavender, lavandin and other perfume plants, for the departments of Alpes de Haute Provence, Ardèche, Drôme, Gard and Vaucluse.
A strategy of Trust
Maintain trusting relationships with commercial partners by offering them quality essential oils, particularly through regular investments. Constantly seek new outlets to ensure the sale of products. Promote the products.
Human Resources
To fully control the administrative and commercial management of the cooperative in partnership with its 167 members: 49 in the Alpes Haute Provence, 14 in the Ardèche, 45 in the Drôme, 8 in the Gard and 51 in the Vaucluse.